Would you like to learn more about Saita publications?
Are you interested in cooperating with us?
Is your dream to see your books flying free on the Internet?

The following questions will give you the answers you are looking for!

διαβάστε την απάντηση Which types of writing could fly using the "saita" of your publications?
Novels, fiction books, collection of short stories and fairy-tales are welcome to our publications, if they meet the following criteria: 
- the least predicable plot the best 
- satisfying narration flow 
- smooth language use 
 - covering the average readers' impression 

 Please take into your consideration that since Saita publications are not after profit and our associates provide their time and expertise in designing our ebooks for free, we are forced to keep the above criteria concerning the evaluation of the books we publish. As soon as we acquire more associates, we will be able to publish theatrical plays and collection of poems.

διαβάστε την απάντηση What about the authors who want to cooperate with you?
We hope to attract authors who share the same vision with us, who object to the commercialism of intellectual property, who want their books to interact with the reading audience free, who wish to let books fly free!

διαβάστε την απάντηση I am an author and I am interested in joining Saita publications' journey. What should I do?
Thank you for your trust and your willingness to cooperate with us! You could send an e-mail at info [@] saitapublications [.] gr, we will discuss and solve any questions you may have. After accepting the framework of our cooperation, you have to send us: 
- the full text of your manuscript in Greek language 
- a summary of the above (150 words max) 
- a brief CV of yours (120 words max) 
- your suggestion for the cover 
- your ideas about the illustration (for fairy-tales) 

 Your manuscript gets read and evaluated by the person in charge, and then we contact you in order to inform you if it can be e-published. The next step is to inform you about our common efforts to design your ebook. Keeping the author informed and asking for his/ her active involvement during the whole process of his/ her book's publish is a top priority for us. The author's ideas are of crucial importance in order to achieve a satisfying result.

διαβάστε την απάντηση Can I exploit my writing commercially, after being published by Saita publications?
If an author, who has already published his/ her book in Saita publications, finally chooses to print his/ her book for profit or not (in Lulu platform for example), either in another publishing house (commercial or not, digital or printed), or by himself/ herself in a printing office, the digital relationship with Saita publications remains but anything prepared by our publications (editing, corrections, illustration, layout) cannot be used. The author has to do it all over again in order to create a different ebook. Of course, Saita publications' logo cannot be used either in that case.

διαβάστε την απάντηση Who are the people working with Saita publications?
Our associates' team consists of eager people, who love books and this is exactly the reason they offer their time and expertise for free. Philologists handle the literature editing and the corrections. Graphic designers handle the books' covers, enriching the final design with original ideas, also providing valuable assistance in the layout format. Moreover, an experienced team promotes the books via nationwide media, local media (printed or digital), e-bookstores, websites, blogs and literature magazines.

διαβάστε την απάντηση I am interested in cooperating with you and provide my assistance to the books' free journey. What do I have to do?
You are more than welcome in our associates' team to provide us with your time, your expertise, and your ideas for our ongoing publications! You can simply come in touch with us, inform us about your interests, your expertise and in which field you would like to contribute (literature editing, cover design, illustration, graphic design, layout, promo video creation, promotion). Even if you change your mind later, there is no further obligation. We like honesty and long lasting relationships. People who work with us (graphic designers, illustrators, cartoonists, comic designers, musicians, video creators), can all higlight their talent, their creativity, and their imagination through involving themselves in our future publications, that will be distributed in the web for free. Among others, we all gain experience, a better knowledge in digital books, publicity and promotion of our talents.

διαβάστε την απάντηση Do your books get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)?
Yes! We communicate with the National Library of Greece, where the National ISBN Office is located too, and we arrange the procedure for acquiring an ISBN. The whole process is really simple and free of charge.

διαβάστε την απάντηση What about the copyright of your ebooks?
Of course, the intellectual property belongs to each author. Our ebooks are distributed free on the Internet using the Creative Commons licenses. For further information, you can visit: www.creativecommons.gr
Please, take into your consideration the fact that these licenses cannot be withdrawn. The digital copies that have already been distributed in various websites and computers cannot be taken back. Even if we withdraw your ebook from the central distribution point (Saita publications' website) and you alter the license at your request, the new license is valid from the applications' date and beyond. All previous copies apply to Creative Commons license.

διαβάστε την απάντηση Could I have my books published in a printable form?
All the books published by Saita publications are exclusively in a digital form. The books' distribution using the Creative Commons licenses allows the readers to enjoy them fully, since they are given the ability to store the books in their pc, print them, share them with their friends, edit them and create new writings based on the context of our books (granted that the derivative books will also acquire a Creative Commons license, applied only for the books that are distributed with the CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported license). Having our books published in a printable form implies pricing them, so as the readers have to pay for them. Both the orientation of our publications and the Creative Commons licenses (non-commercial use only) do not allow us to do so.

Saita publications is a non-commercial publishing house. We don't gain any profit and we don't have this as our aim.

All our services are provided for free. The author is not charged with any expenses, neither before, nor during the designing of his/ her ebook, nor after its publishing.