Let's introduce ourselves

The idea about creating Saita publications is constantly reshaped and enriched, just like the changing course of a paper plane that cannot be predicted or specified. 

The idea of Saita publications emerged in July 2012, having as a primary goal to create a web space where new authors can interact with the readers directly and free. 
Saita publications' aim is to redefine the relationship between publisher-author-reader, by cultivating a true dialogue and by establishing an effective communication channel for authors and readers alike. Saita publications stay far away from profit, exploitation and commercialisation of literary property.

The strong wind of passion for reading,
the sweet breeze of creativity,
the zephyr of innovation,
the sirocco of imagination,
the levanter of persistence,
the deep power of vision,
guide the saita of our publications.

We invite you to let books fly free!

Currently, out team is consisted of:

Iraklis Lampadariou
Philologist, Creator of Saita Publications
Iraklis Lampadariou was born in Katerini in 1988, but grew up in Kavala. He has been dealing faithfully with volunteering, both organising and participating in various collective actions, since the age of 10. He has studied classic literature in the Democritus University of Thrace (2005-2009). He loves learning foreign languages; he already speaks English, French, Spanish and he has started learning Slovak and Chinese. He has travelled in many places in Europe, involving himself in a multicultural dialogue that has certainly affected his way of thinking. He writes stories for the child each one of us hides inside them and constantly tries to figure out ways in which Schools could cultivate students’ creativity and imagination.
In August 2012 he created Saita publications, a digital, non-commercial space from which books are distributed for free. He’s the author of “Creative class with enough imagination”, “The magic bookmark” and “Greetings and wishes”.
Webpage: www.lampadariou.eu

Evridiki Amanatidou
Evridiki Amanatidou lives in Athens, even when she rests in her own world, hanging out with her other self, Erilia. Although she has studied in Law School, she always preferred playing with words, paper and pencils. For argument’s sake, so far, four of her novels and a children’s theatrical play “A hat for the professor”, which was awarded by the Ministry of Culture, have been published.
Blog: http://evriam.blogspot.gr

Antonia Aristodimou
TEFL Teacher, Translator
Antonia Aristodimou was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She studied History and Ethnology in the Democritus University of Thrace and she continued her studies in the field of professional translation and subtitling. She works as a TEFL teacher and she translates and edits texts of various fields, as well as children's literature. She is also a postgraduate student at the "Master's in Education" programme of the Hellenic Open University. She loves watching "The Polar Express" with her students.
E-mail: antonia.aristodi [@] gmail [.] com

John Zervas
John lives in Athens and is a fan of books, meaning he is a bookworm and a fanatic one at that! He enjoys experimenting with languages and behaviors of humanity and watch at his experiments flourish, after a day full of reading. He has studied the Social and Political Sciences in Panteion University and consequently he developed a different, sweeter stance towards life. Books are always there for him as he tries to preserve that stance. His other field of expertise is translation and education of those who love experimenting and along with them he struggles every day to learn more about the greatest ongoing experiment in recorded history: Life
E-mail: jhnzervas [@] yahoo [.] com

Mary Lampadariou
Mary Lampadariou was born in Katerini in 1961. She has travelled all over the world as sub lieutenant in sea-going vessels, since she has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy in Aspropirgos and until she became a mother in 1988. She creates wood, wax, glass and fabric decorations ever since. She enjoys knitting, painting and illustrating. She also likes surfing the web and meeting her friends at Facebook.
Blog: http://mlampadariou-crafts.blogspot.gr

Iliana Mandrani
Iliana Mandrani was born in Thessaloniki in 1985. She has graduated from the department of International and European Economical and Political Studies of the University of Macedonia. She has also acquired a MBA Diploma from the National American University. She speaks English, French and Turkish. However, her lifelong passion is the English language and literature. Currently, she lives in Skyros Island, where she teaches English to children and translates foreign language literature. She accidentally ran into Saita Publications while surfing the Web a few months ago and she immediately got inspired by their initiative.
E-mail: ili_mandrani [@] hotmail [.] com

Tina Moschovi
TEFL teacher, Translator
Tina Moschovi was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete. She has studied English Language and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with specialization at translation and audiovisual translation. She has always loved books. This love developed into love for translation during her undergraduate studies. However, she tries to combine and to get informed about both teaching and translation through seminars and programs.
Apart from English she can speak German fluently while she has attended computer lessons. She has been working together with young learners as an English teacher in the private sector since she graduated. She is thinking of entering professionally into the field of translation since she believes that all people, young and older ones, have the right to access texts of different languages.
E-mail: tinamosch [@] hotmail [.] com

Petros Beimanavis
Petros Beimanavis was born in Athens on the 29th of February, 1984. In 2002 he began his studies in the Faculty of Philosophy and Education in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and, since then, lives permanently in the city of Thessaloniki. Later on, he completed his master in Philosophy of Science. He has been in the city of Amsterdam as a guest researcher of Vrije University, working on a project about the relation of Science and Art. Today, he is a PhD student of Philosophy of Science. At the same time, he deals with his interest in literature (prose & poetry), cinema and music (Linkedin: Petros Beimanavis).
E-mail: beimann1984 [@] gmail [.] com

Antonis Panoris
Engineer of Industrial Automation
My name is Anthonis Panoris and I was born in 1981 in Thessaloniki, where I live permanently. I studied Automation engineering at the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki and since 1997 I have been dealing actively with the industrial automation. If I remember well, it was the 1988 when I was trying to develop my first program, holding in my hands an Atari 65XE8bit computer. Nowadays, in my free time I study handbooks and develop applications in various programming languages (Java, C++, Basic, HTML, PHP, Assembly, Ladder) for OS Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Industrial Controllers (PLC - HMI).
Webpage: www.automon.gr

Evgenia Papaioannou
Painter, Illustrator, Fashion designer
Evgenia Papaioannou was born in Kavala in 1982. She studied painting in Vakalo Art & Design College in Athens from 2000 to 2003 (Painting, Scenography, Costume design, Art History, Art Theory, Sculpture, Graphic Art, Engraving). Then, she studied fashion design in Veloudakis Art School in Athens from 2004 to 2006 (Fashion design, Pattern, Textile, Costume History, Aesthetics, Styling). She speaks English and French. She has been taking ICT classes and photography training courses (1st European Award, Isle of Wight,UK,1996).
   She works in the field of fashion magazines as a stylist: Harper's Bazaar, KLIK, Gynaika, BHMAdonna, CELEBRITY, Pink Woman, Icons traveller's, STYLE FAQ. She cooperates with fashion designers and she edits fashion shows, video clips and shops’ windows. She used to be the Head of a twenty-member backstage team of the 2nd Greek Fashion Week in Zappio, as well as the habilleuse in many fashion shows in the context of of Greek Fashion Weeks in Athens. She is also an associate to the clothing company P&R Fashion (Anna Riska), as a fashion designer.
   She has joined in many collective painting exhibitions in Athens and in Kavala, as well as in the 1st Athens Fringe Festival, in Technopolis, Gazi. In June 2011, she performed her first personal painting exhibition in the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse in Kavala and she also presented her exhibition in the Filippi-Thasos Festival.
   She has been creating handmade bags and accessories since 2008. The American website “Handbag Designer 101”, announced Eugenia Papaioannou as the “Designer of the day”, presenting her winter collection of handmade bags (November 2011).
   She teaches both children and adults to paint.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eugenia.papaioannou.5

Apollonia Paramythioti
Painter, Illustrator
Apollonia Paramythioti was born in 1994, in Corfu. Her passion for painting started in a very early age; she was only four years old when she first demonstrated her talent. She is a self-taught painter, whose aim is to further develop her skills. In 2009, she won the European contest "Research and innovation". She graduated from high school in 2012 and she would like to enter the School of Fine Arts. Her dream is to be taught by a great painter.
E-mail: apolloniaart [@] yahoo [.] com

Eva Smirli-Bainbridge
Eva Smirli-Bainbridge was born and raised in Katerini, Greece. She lives and works in Oraiokastro. She graduated from the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki (T.E.I.), with a degree in Commerce and Advertising and has a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Sheffield. She has taught English to children and adults and has worked at Cedefop’s marketing and communications department. Currently, she translates and illustrates children’s books from and into Greek and English.
E-mail: eua_gr [@] hotmail [.] com

Metaxia Tzimouli
Metaxia Tzimouli was born in New Jersey (USA) in 13.04.1984 and raised in Thessaloniki. Both her parents are Greek. She graduated from TEE XINI MACEDONIA and later she went to London to complete a BA in Writing for Media Arts from the London South Bank University. She speaks English fluently and loves to travel.
E-mail: maetz84 [@] hotmail [.] com

Paris Charalampidis
My name is Paris Charalampidis. I was born in 1984 and live so far in Athens. I'm an Illustrator. After unsuccessful studies at the Faculty of theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, began to study in 2008 in three part sketch-comic-cartoon on ΑΚΤΟ COLLEGE where I graduated with BA in cartoon-comic-cartoon in 2010.
I mainly use traditional illustration techniques. I'm interested in children's book illustration and lately I discover more about digital animation and character design.
I have worked as a painter with creating works of interior decoration.
I started to work as a book Illustrator with Saita Publications (June 2013).
I have attended seminars on the illustration and participating in group exhibitions. I participated in the ART IS HARD FESTIVAL held in April of 2013 in Thessaloniki. I've done solo exhibition child illustration in December 2012. I participated in a group exhibition of comic in 2008 in the context of artistic workshop comic and illustration. I like the music, cartoon, tea and in my free time the bike rides.
Blog: http://parischaralampidis.blogspot.gr

Konstantina Charlavani
Konstantina Charlavani was born in Athens in 1987. She grew up in Filotas of Florina and then she moved in Thessaloniki, where she still lives. She has studied classic literature in the Democritus University of Thrace and in 2010 she entered the University of Peloponnese, where she studies in the Social and Educational Policy department. Since she entered the university, she has been dealing actively with volunteering, especially with children and vulnerable social groups.
E-mail: k.charlavani [@] gmail [.] com