Are you an author?

*The following text is addressed only to authors who wish to send their texts in Greek language.

If you would like to commercially exploit your writing, you could choose one of several commercial publishing houses. We wish you good luck and we thank you for the time you spent visiting the website of Saita publications.

However, if you share our vision and if you want to join us in our journey choosing to free some of your literature creations, you would be more than welcome to communicate with us in our e-mail address: info [@] saitapublications [.] gr.

We will work with you through the whole process of designing and publishing your book so as the result meet your expectations. We would like to develop with you a true, mutual cooperation where there are no words between the lines, no charges or demands. The only thing we ask from you is your permission to distribute your writing free of charge and obstacles, as an ebook, through our website or any other websites that contribute in this aim as well.

Let's work together in order to see our ideas fly free instead of being captivated in someone's drawer.

Before sending us any of your writing, please read carefully the context of our cooperation in the form of questions-answers here.