First Time Co-authors: Increase Your Creativity To Write A Book

TitleFirst Time Co-authors: Increase your Creativity To Write A Book
Authors: Stav Papadopoulos & Maria Chatzi
ISBN: 978-960-629-012-1

Are you thinking of writing an informational book with a co-author, for the first time? Are you looking forward to a fun, fulfilling experience but don't know where to begin? This is a book full of ideas, thoughts, practical tips and little secrets, as well as other useful information to help you start your creative collaboration journey; consider it as a long, detailed prelude to the actual writing stage.

Unlike other books in the market, it proposes you invest a considerable amount of your time in boosting your creativity before you start writing your book. To reap the fruit of this approach, it takes an innovator's mindset, especially courage and patience.

If you are a writer (or aspire to be one) who likes to explore and experiment with new ways of doing things this may be the book you have been looking for.

This book has been flying on the Internet since January 2020.

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