Language Learning Strategies: Theoretical issues and applied perspectives

TitleLanguage Learning Strategies: Theoretical issues and applied perspectives
Edited byZoe Gavriilidou, Konstandinos Petrogiannis, Maria Platsidou, Angeliki Psaltou-Joycey
ISBN: 978-618-5147-52-5

Proof reading: Lydia Mitits
Cover design:
Page layout: Iraklis Lampadariou

This volume brings together a team of leading experts to explore language learning strategies. By studying language learning strategies in the Greek setting, the contributors  shed new light on a range of theoretical constructs, empirical data and teacher training workshops that collectively provide important insights into LLS use of students attending mainstream and Muslim minority, elementary and secondary schools in Greece. In addition, the volume provides a comparative analysis of learners’ and teachers’ strategy use by employing two matching questionnaires, developed specifically for the THALES project: a 29-item learners’ questionnaire, based on the SILL and a 47-item newly developed innovative teachers’ questionnaire designed to assess teachers’ foreign language learning strategy instruction practices for the promotion of LLS in the classroom.

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