The Theory of the Person

TitleThe Theory of the Person
Subtitle: The Myth of Schizophrenia, The Myth of Death
Author: Emmanuel Xagorarakis
ISBN: 978-618-5147-85-3

Cover, page layout: Iraklis Lampadariou

This theory does not require special studies so that it is understood.
How would the Theory of the Person be addressing only to persons having special studies?
In this book I put the philosophical way of thought together with the accuracy of the mathematical thought. And the outcome is only proofs. Proofs of mathematical accuracy about existential matters that are mainly the topics for Philosophy.
Proofs about the entity of each person-individual. It is here proven what is the person-individual and how it exists; that is I, you, and the others.
This book confirms you as an entity in general, and absolutely. Through proofs. It is here proven that you never lose yourself –your being– not even the least of it!
You don’t have to worry, not even bother, if and how much you have been altered or have schizophrenic elements.
There is no reason for you to be thinking about your future inexistence, your death.
There is no Schizophrenia and there is no Death; not at all.
In this book the proofs are given about what is and how is conducted the each and every therapy of the individual. In essence, what is proven is our personal freedom, which we never lose, but we always wish and need to foster, to restore it quantitatively, and never existentially. As beings, as entities, we are totally free, whether we understand this or not, whether we see this a lot or a little.

And, as I prove, the more we perceive that we in any way are free entities, and that we never loose our self, the more we get cured from anything, that is we restore our weaknesses, as being humans perfect in our synthesis and our identity.

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The Author decided to withdraw his book. 

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