The Dragon and the Garlic Eater Knights

TitleThe Dragon and the Garlic Eater Knights
Author: Evridiki Amanatidou
ISBN: 978-618-5147-71-6

Translation from Greek: Evridiki Amanatidou 
Editing, Proofreading: Brenda Whittaker
Illustrations: Apollonia Paramythioti 
Page Layout: Iraklis Lampadariou 

Marcos is a dragon who can neither fly nor blow fire out of his mouth. He lives peacefully in Pamfoukia until the moment when the distant memory of the Garlic Eater Knights will lead him to the Scary Swamp. Along with Filandros, Spigos and Spithami, they have a long journey ahead of them, and many riddles to solve; who is Green and where to find her? Who grabbed the silent water, and for which reason? Why the odour of garlic is too suffocating for some people?
Will they make it in time to fight against the evil that the Scary Swamp emits?
The conflict between two extremely different worlds, the fight, the result; an allegory about the battle of good and evil, love, friendship, and compassion.

(Recommended age: 10+)

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