A Classroom Full of Imagination and Innovation

TitleA Classroom Full of Imagination and Innovation
Author: Iraklis Lampadariou
ISBN: 978-618-5147-69-3

Translation from Greek: Stella Chavenetidou 
Editing, Proofreading, Rhyme Composing in English: Tina Moschovi 
Cover Page Design: Vivi Vainopoulou 
IllustrationsMary Lampadariou 
Page LayoutIoanna Anastasi 

Techniques, ideas, thoughts and activities that are not just part of imagination but rather easy and directly applicable into the frame of a classroom, at home or for the classroom outside the classroom.

With all this material the author’s aim is to trigger both teachers and parents to work on the improvement of their teaching approaches in a systematic way and the design of their own original activities together with multimedia applications, based on their students’ uniqueness. These actions will promote mainly the creativity of the latter and their interest in learning and loving reading books. 

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