Manolis Xagorarakis writes about his collaboration with Saita Publications

My name is Manolis Xagorarakis, and it was recently (January 2015) that I was given the opportunity by Mr. Iraklis Lampadariou and his saita-team to release my scientific work. Writing it was an “Odyssey”, one I started writing in 2001 and completed recently. It is an analytical theory, based on the entity number and how it exists and its relativity. It is a field of knowledge, where clear proof is given and where the scientific data is stirred.  It is a theory written by the mostly common, therefore indisputable elements of logic, and it is for anyone regardless of education and studies.

I am impressed by Mr. Iraklis Lampadariou and his team, as these people do not hesitate to make a decision based on the non-profit offer of knowledge, and by trusting that which is called liberation of knowledge. It is my opinion that if we are going to be ruthless, let’s be ruthless in embracing knowledge, knowledge which is objective, knowledge which is defined by proof. With that mindset and with that decision, knowledge is then released (for that I am personally grateful to Saita Publications), to become known, and to be judged, and it is worth to be utilized by man!
My friend Irakli, thank you for giving me the freedom to give back!
Meet Manolis…
Emmanuel Xagorarakis was born in Heraklion, Crete, on June 6th, 1978. He grew up in Αγίους Δέκα (Agious Deka), a village in the valley of Μεσσαράς (Messaras) in the county of Heraklion, Crete where he resides in. From a very young age, his environment singled him out for his unique verbal ability, and he would exhaust those around him with his unexpected concerns and tireless questions, on the topic of logic and cosmological questions, such as “why and how does the shining moon exist without falling?” He was an excellent student, and ever since he can remember himself he has been working his mind on anything scientific and non-scientific. His growing years were particularly hard, from a psychological standpoint, due to his socially negative core surroundings. At 17, he decided to go through psychotherapy. His Child Psychiatrist- Psychotherapist, Catherine Bitzaraki was the first “angel” to cross his path. He has a great deal of respect for her, and to this day they are still friends. At 18 years old, he became a student at the Higher Ecclesiastical School of Crete (1996-1999), from which he graduated. He has worked as an English teacher in the private sector (foreign language centers), having the adequacy and license to teach English (Proficiency Certificate: University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge). He holds a (GR: 1006749) patent, and in his portfolio he has some highly original scientific writings, and they are all the result of personal efforts and work. He is a conscious Christian Orthodox and a pure Greek. He loves Dogmatic Theology, Psychology/Psychiatry, and Analytical Philosophy.

You may contact Manoli by email or visit his webpage

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

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