The books of Saita Publications get a voice!

There is a new destination for the “saita” (paper plane) flight: to the creation of audio books, which cover a range of literature items. Saita Publications aim for the easy access between our books, and the readers who are visually impaired, with books that have a voice of their own. It is the voice of the volunteers who have taken charge in this particular initiative. 

The audio books which have been completed can be found on the individual page of the book and also on the Saita Publications’ channel on YouTube, and that way each reader can hear the full text of the chosen book, just with one click. It is also possible for the audio file to be downloaded freely on the computer or on the mobile phone, which makes it so much easier for the reader to listen to it anywhere.

Gradually, more books will be uploaded in audio form, enhancing our audio bookcase, and giving our readers more time to enjoy the company of literature.
Let us leave books to fly free from the soul of the creator and let us give them “voice” so they may “speak” to the heart of each reader!

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

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