Valia Karamanou writes about her collaboration with Saita Publications

Even though my involvement with the publishing industry dates back several years, my collaboration with Saita Publications was an original experience. With the “birth” of books comes the “throes” of the publishing process, with the passing of endless months in the decision to publish a book and the repeated negotiations which come with it. 

However, with Saita Publications, the publishing process was meaningful and precise. From the moment my piece of work received approval (sooner than the expected time period), it was shaped quickly, within an atmosphere of fellow teamwork, since the books are free, and the only thing that remains is the love for the book. A fact, that is evident from the quality of the work (the page layout, the original and creative front covers, etc). To my great surprise, it was easier and a more “painless” creative process and maybe that is why I enjoyed it without stress, endless negotiations, and time being wasted.
 Even though I am a lover of the printed book, I believe that the electronic book (eBook), is something new, untouched, and is directed towards the bigger part of the audience/readers. Especially, the books of “Saita” (paper plane), which are given freely, without ever that diminishing their quality, and that is how they help the author and reader to “fly on its wings” free!

Meet Valia…
Valia Karamanou was born in Athens, where she lives and also works as a Philologist. She writes both for magazines and for the News, and has been distinguished in different literature competitions:

-“Photography, the Manesi” (Gavrielides Publications, 2009)
-“The Well” (Gavrielides Publications, 2011), a collection of short stories which was translated, and then published in the magazine, Desmos (bond), from I. Mavroeidakou publishing house (Paris, 2012)
- “Star Anise”( Gavrielides Publications, 2012) A Novel
-“For you”(Astrate Publications, 2014)  A Novel

-“Summer Stories” (Fortezza Publications, 2013) with the short story “Farewell”
-“The Legends of the Universe III” (Universe Pathways, 2014) with the short story “Single Egg”
-“120 words” Flash Fiction, along with the short stories: “Black”, “The Farrier”, “Free plan”, “The Marmaroma”, and “Serge”

Translated from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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