The Germ of Jealousy - An Educational Program

Our fifth educational program is dedicated to the fairytale by Maria Chatzi, “The Germ of Jealousy” with illustrations done by her and Joanna Teknetzi. It is for students between the ages of 7-10 years old, the duration time is 90 minutes and the suggested number of participants is 20 children.

1.     Introducing Saita Publications and their vision on the free travel of books.
There are two countries, Fantasia (Imagination), which is the houses full of fairytales and Reality, which is the houses which we live in, here in our town.  Here, on a tall hill, is where our “saita” (paper plane) landed, (you may make your own “saita”, with the four colors which are on the publications’ logo or click on our website from your computer screen). Our “saita” (paper plane) chose this spot to land on, as it was too windy over there. It made the windmill, which you see (you may either buy it or make your own colorful windmill), and as the wind blows, the windmill turns and with it turns our imagination, which helps us think of beautiful stories. Our creativity is always awake and it “nudges” the imagination to constantly create new things. Did you see how many colors its wings have? We will be painting that, and so much more with our stories today.

2.     A Conversation
Which are the germs that exist around us? How do we “kill” them? How are they different from the Germ of Jealousy?

3.     Painting
Each person has their own personal germ of jealousy. Try to imagine how yours might look like, and then paint it on A4 paper. You can make a book with each student’s personal “germs”, if you staple the pages and add front covers.

4.     Research
Make a list with sayings, words of wisdom and other folk expressions, which refer to jealousy. Here is an example:  «Αν ήταν η ζήλεια ψώρα, θα κόλαγε όλη η χώρα».

5.     Written Word
All together or in groups, you will write a funny poem (2 or 3 quatrains), with the title: “When I get jealous”

6.     A Conversation
What will you do (what precautions will you take) so that the Germ of Jealousy does not enter your classroom? If it managed to “crawl” in, how would you then get rid of it?
7.     Arts and Crafts
Create “The Germ of Jealousy” bookmark, following the instructions which are given here.

Note: As every class has its own pace (some are quicker than others), maybe some educators may not be able to complete all the activities listed above, by the suggested time of the program. If this is the case, the activities 3, 4, and 7 may be done at home. The activities will be presented in class at the next lesson.

Did you complete this educational program in a group with children?
If the answer is yes, please then share with us your impressions, your photographs from the handcrafts of some other activity you thought of, and your ideas which helped adjust the needs and skills of your child to the program, better. Send us an email at the address:

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

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