Festival of iDEAS 2014-An idea-a word-a speech

Readings, “releases” and book exchanges, exhibitions, performances, chosen music, and broadcasting meetings will be taking place at the Art and Cultural Center, BETON7 for the occasion of the literature festival  “an idea-a word-a speech”. A few days before Christmas, on December 22 and 23, the new literature festival, which will aspire to become an institution and evolve into a platform of live and meaningful communication between authors, readers, and everyone who loves book and ideas, invite you to travel with them.

The festival “an idea-a word-a speech”, is a part of the “Festival of IDEAS”, a worldwide organization with events, which will be taking place on December 2014 and January 2015, in different countries of the world.
The entrance to all the events is free, however, it is necessary to bring a book (or more if you wish), which will then be “released” for the festival. The books that will remain in the space of the Beton7 at the end of the festival will be donated to the therapeutic program of KETHEA (ΚΕΘΕΑ) “Oxygen” (Οξυγόνο), for the reinforcement of the library in the consultative station of the prison Saint Stephen (Άγιος Στέφανος) in Patra

December 22 & 23/ “Blind dating with a book” & Readings
The cultural event of the festival will be from noon until late at night at the café of Beton 7. We invite you to join us for coffee or a drink, and to enter a world of books and mystery.  On each table, on every corner of the café, there will be books with their titles. The free books will be waiting to charm and win you over with their engaging content. So give yourself into the sensual game with the printed pages and…as you leave you may take any book you like with you.
Along with the “blind date” with the free books, every night, authors will come to our group and read excerpts from their work, and then they will share with us the everyday magic of ideas, which will turn into words and a speech.
December 23/ “Slaves in their inspirations”*
On December 23rd, the authors and what they are inspired by, what they are haunted by and what “chases” them, will come together in a provocative performance-installation, in the theater of BETON7, where the ideas and inspirations take shape from the shape of the authors, breath from their breath, and life from their life. It will be open all day as an exhibition, which will later become an unpredictable performance. Be prepared for anything.
*The title is inspired by the novel “Slaves in their Bonds” by Constantinos Theotokis.

December 22nd & 23rd/ “Life steps, Human moments”
A life’s wander with images and words, which begins with the imprint of moments in the town of Kavalas, through the photographic lens of Anastasios Vogiatzidis and his fellow travelers, and excerpts from the books by Saita Publications,  handpicked by the authors themselves. This special photography exhibition was first introduced in July at the 57th Philippi Festival in Kavala, and now it travels to Athens for the festival “an idea-a word-a speech” in the exhibition space of Beton7.

Broadcasting Meetings
In the two days of the festival “an idea-a word-a speech” it will meet its book friends, wherever they may be. On Monday, December 22nd at Chimeres Radio and on Tuesday, December the 23rd at Beton7ArtRadio, two broadcasting shows will get together, full of conversations around the topic of literature, and interviews, and readings by authors, complete with good music.


Poster photo: Byronv2

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

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