In this week’s context “Read an eBook” (2-8th of March 2014), 6th grade student Maria Georgopoulou of the 5th Elementary School Chryssoupolis shares with you a few thoughts about digital reading.
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E-books are not as popular yet. We all know the old fashioned way of books. You turn the pages, you cut yourself on the pages, and you wrinkle the pages and much more…
Forget your “regular” books! Most eBooks are F-R-E-E! If you go in a bookstore the books there cost quite enough money! Also the eBooks which are not free are far cheaper than their printed version.
One more thing: When I grow up I would like to become a teacher or a writer. I hope the eBooks help me with my first steps, as they helped you and many others!

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Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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