Saita Publications with “Google Books”

The platform “Google Books” has all of our books! With one simple search in the most recent book catalogue from all around the world, you will also find between a million other books, the books of Saita Publications.

Some details which we think are important
1. Watermark “Material with copyright protection”
It instantly appears from Google, but the Creative Commons License which refers to the ID on every publication of ours (page 4 on every eBook), is valid.

2. “Get your own printed book”
As we outline on our site, all our publications are exclusively in digital form. You will not find any printed copies. With the Creative Commons License and permission from the author, you may print them yourselves from your printer at home, or a printer nearest to you. In any case, you select the printing fee without the interference from anyone else.

3.  A List of bookstores on the top left of your screen
All our publications are in digital form and are distributed with no charge. They cannot be found in any bookstores or libraries, unless the author has printed his work and donated a copy. You may submit a review or critique for any of our “Google eBooks”. You also can create your own library, by clicking on “My Library”

Enjoy your reading!
Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli
Editing: Tina Moschovi

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