Alkmini Giampanidou writes about her collaboration with Saita Publications

A few years ago, the “saita” (paper plane) we played with when we were children, came to my mind, the one we used to make, using our creativity and imagination, and then we would travel on it towards the dream. This “saita” is still here, and I am very happy and grateful, to have rediscovered it again. It has expanded since then…and now it nurtures the dreams of all those who want to express their emotions and ideas. It is real, it is honest, and it speaks to you with respect and love, because like you, it aims for the same thing…people’s hearts. This “saita”, which was made from people’s enthusiasm and hard work, is so big and it travels all around the world. I am thankful it “knocked” on my heart, and has led me down a more real and beautiful path.

Meet Alkmini…
Alkmini Giampanidou was born in 1982 in Thessaloniki. She lives in a small village for the past few years, which is located outside the city and offers her peace and comfort. She has studied in the Department of Preschool Education, at the University of Ioannina. Since 2004, she has been actively occupied in the field of Pedagogic. She has worked in the Public Service as a substitute Preschool Teacher.  She has also worked in private and public day care centers, and still continues to do so. She adores the profession and dedicates most of her time in searching and creating new and original activities, for her young friends.  She is always kept up to date through online, experiential seminars. She also enjoys coming up with limericks for puppet theater and preschool celebrations.  One of those activities she enjoys in her free time is decorating children’s rooms, with creations made out of cardboard. Alkmini loves reading, traveling and nature. She is completely happy when she receives hugs and smiles from children.

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

Editing: Tina Moschovi

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