A Tale in Yellow

Title: A Tale in Yellow
Author: Kostas Stoforos
ISBΝ: 978-618-5040-90-1

Illustrations: Stefany Veldemiry
Translation from Greek: Artemis Lamprinou
Proofreading-Editing: Georgina Breeze
Book cover layout-Pagination: Iraklis Lampadariou

A summer tale with a twist.
The Yellow Princess finds herself in a far away island, flying on the back of a dragon. The island is filled with the scent of lemon trees… There, she will meet a love-struck prince, however the end is not the one you might expect…
Yet again, Stefany Veldemiry’s enchanting illustrations take readers on a journey to another world, where love conquers all.

A fairy tale about summer. The second in this collection which also includes: A Tale in Red for spring, A Tale in Orange for autumn, A Tale in White for winter

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