Saita Publications “Φτου και Παίζει” (Hides and Plays) (23.07.2014)

Today the Sports and Games Festival will take place at the Fortress of Kavalas, with various actions and games. Some of these are Saitas, who is the media sponsor of this particularly important initiative, which is for the return of children to the neighborhood with collective games.

From 19.30 to 21.30 at the castle’s Fortress, visitors had the opportunity to discover through clay replicas of ancient toys (playthings), such as the stromvos, the lynx, animal shaped figurines, the sphere and ankles. They tried to make their favorite with clay so they could keep it and present it to their friends. Also, with project assistance they made their own mosaic from tesserae plaster and then colored it with water colors.
There were also pages available, for constructing the paper saita and all the materials needed for creating and decorating bookmarks, in the space.

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

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