The Sports and Games Festival, “Φτου και Παίζει!” (Hide and Play)

The game starts, we are coming out to the neighborhoods!

Πελοπίδας ο Πυγολαμπίδας (Pelopidas the Firefly) was a child of an older generation. It was a time when they knew how to have a good time playing simple games around the neighborhood together with the other children. Their laughs and voices would fill the alleys and there were many times that a neighbor would come out on the balcony to complain.

The years have gone by, and Pelopidas is now a parent to the sweetest daughter called “Dallas the Fan”. A unique girl who is very withdrawn, she does not care for the other children and does not want to play with them in their games. She will not even talk to them.
However, everything has to change, and “Dallas” must discover the beautiful world of the games in the neighborhood. To make that happen she must first pass some hurdles, one for each day.
Come and let’s help them break the spell, through our participation at the Sports and Games Festival “Φτου και Παίζει», which will take place from the 23rd until the 27th of July in five different locations, in the town of Kavalas.
The Festival is part of the European program “Europe is our playground” with lead partners the Municipal Benefit Corporation Kavalas “Dimofeleia”. The other partners are: the Municipality Warsaw (Poland), the Municipality Stromstant (Sweden), Φίλους του Μουσείου (Friends of the Museum) (Ruse, Bulgaria), the Municipality Varna (Bulgaria), the Municipality Nuremburg (Germany), and the Greek Foundation of Culture-Annex of Berlin (Germany)
For more information about the Festival and the daily schedule of events, press here
Saita Publications is the media Sponsor of the Sports and Games Festival “Φτου και Παίζει

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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