Saitoconstructions at the 17th Festival Pierias Valley (20.07.2014)

In the courtyard of the former Elementary School of Mousthenis, the children of the village gathered to hear stories from the Study Group, Preservation and Dissemination of the Folktale and Game “The Storytellers”, to play traditional games and to make paper constructions in the relative workshop of Saita Publications.

The children that would get “burned” by apples (μηλάκια) would then take a seat in the workshop of Saita, where they could construct saites, little helicopters and bookmarks for their books. In fact, most of the children had a saita throwing competition with the best score being 5 meters, and the least best just half a meter.
We give lots of thanks to the Cultural Association Mousthenis, “To Παγγαίο” (Paggaio) for the invitation and the warmest hospitality, and the “Storytellers” for taking care of our travel!

Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

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