57th Philippi Festival

The Director of the Philippi Festival and the Municipal Regional Theatre of Κavala (ΔΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ), Thodoris Gonis, invites citizens of all ages to the Philippi Festival «Πεντακόσια στα Χείλια», where they can interact with plays, musicals, Dance Theatre, events, workshops, reading groups, exhibitions and lectures. 

The program, which will take place in the Ancient Theatre of Philippi, extends from Pentakosia to Helia, the two big residential sections, respectively located in the eastern and western part of the town. Their names represent the number of refugee families (respectively, Pentakosia=five hundred, Helia= thousand/ lips) who settled there after the Asia Minor Catastrophe.
Translation: Metaxia Tzimouli

Proofreading: Tina Moschovi   

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