Saita Publications flies with the “Breath” of pupils even higher

Today, the World Day Against Child Labour was the best triggering event for the amusement of the third grade pupils in the 10th elementary school of Kavala in the garden of «ΠΝΟΗ» (Breath), an association for the child and the family. Essentially, they took part in an outdoor feast with lots of activities and handicrafts.

The starting point was the acquaintance with the e-Book and Saita Publications’ vision, to follow the interactive storytelling “The Magic Bookmark”. After the narration the pupils seeked the books where the bookmark was hidden at the white paper library (which they decorated afterwards with messages and wishes for the children rights).
They made their own bookmarks and wishing cards with the shape of a blueberry leaf as a cover (the pupils’ activities took place under the shadow of this tree). After this the pupils participated in the observation game “Guess who has the bookmark”, while they were fascinated with the construction of their own dolls with whom they played scenes from the fairytale they had listened to at the beginning of the feast.
The celebration ended with snacks, juices and wishes for a beautiful summer with lots of ice-creams!
Both Konstantina Charlavani, philologist and volunteer for «ΠΝΟΗ» (Breath), and Iraklis Lampadariou, philologist and creator of Saita Publications, had the idea for this event.

Translation from Greek: Labriana Oikonomou 

Editing: Tina Moschovi 

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