The game of the lost treasure at the Wood Water Wild Festival (08.06.2014)

From 13:00 to 15:00 groups of children and visitors of every age seeked the lost treasure, activity organized by Saita Publications and supported by volunteers of Youth Voluntarism and Development of Kavala in the context of the 6th Wood Water Wild Festival at the Old Town of Kavala.

By following a root consisted of five spots (real places in the city of Kavala), the players should find the missing parts of the Festival’s logo. In order to follow this root they should also read and solve brief but rather simple riddles which combined places where the Festival took part along with the fairytale.
Specifically, the riddles were the following:

First riddle (pointed to the Watermill)
Little wheat grains chosen
magic little words persisted
in the mille grinned and tossed,
look the way they are twisted.

Second riddle (pointed to the cave of the Fairytale Tellers)
Place where the rain can’t reach
you are utterly protected.
Story teller who can teach
how dragons were arrested.

Third riddle (pointed to the Second Bridge)
A huge river keeps apart
both human and fairytale land.
What did the humans think for a start?
You passed the first, the next one
is on your right hand.

Fourth riddle (pointed to the Watchtower)
From this standpoint
you may watch the world just like the birds
let the imagination free, clear your heads.
Your stories can be easily told
yet, if nothing comes to mind,
help is easy there to find.

Fifth riddle (pointed to the Little Theatre)
Our heroes left the fairyland
at the scene they can be found
dancing, laughing, making sound
and spectators across them, many as the grains of sand.

The treasure in the Little Theatre waiting to be found by the players was a bookmark along with a green card with a plane leaf as a cover (pencil drawing), ready to host their wishes.
The volunteers who supported the game of the hidden treasure were (in alphabetical order): Agelidou Anastasia, Bagdatoglou Theodora, Kypraki Sofia, Lampadariou Iraklis, and Seitanidou Diana.

Translation: Labriana Oikonomou 

Editing: Tina Moschovi 

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