Saita Publications participates in the Get Online Week!

Saita Publications participates in the Get Online Week as an example of good practice!

Saita publications: an open, non commercial, e-publishing house

In summer 2012, I developed a website through which authors had the chance to upload their writings without (free of) cost and to interact with the readers directly and for free. I named my project Saita and the aim of it was to redefine the relationship between publisher-author-reader, by cultivating a true dialogue and by establishing an effective communication channel for authors and readers alike. Also, Saita gave:
- unemployed young people the opportunity to be trained and to develop their personal and professional skills (through their active participation in the publishing process). All volunteers’ CVs (in both Greek and English) are uploaded on a specific page on the website of Saita in order to be easily accessed by employers.
- pupils the opportunity to discover e-reading
- teachers the opportunity to have access to a free, well-organised educational material for their pupils/ students
Through the Microsoft Youthspark initiative “Getbusy”, I acquired useful knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and online marketing that actively helped me to further develop my project and to increase significantly the visibility of Saita website.
Specifically, I learned how to use the social media channels and the online content of Saita effectively for the enhancement of the website. Thus, in a short period of time, android applications of Saita books become very popular with more than 99.733 downloads.

Iraklis Lampadariou, Getbusy competition finalist

You can download the report by Get Online Week for Greece.

Editing:Tina Moschovi

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