The jealousy germ

Title: The jealousy germ
Author: Maria Chatzi
ISBΝ: 978-618-5040-71-0

Illustrations: Maria Chatzi, Ioanna Teknetzi
Translation from Greek: Maria Chatzi
Cover, page layout: Konstantina Charlavani

In a small but famous bakery, they all work together, respecting and loving each other. One day the terrible Jealousy germ sneaks in. From that day on, life in the bakery changes.
How does the germ manage to become the master of the place? And how will they get rid of it?

This is a story about a germ that’s different from all other germs, and which could sneak into your house or your classroom as well.  Read this book and you will, no doubt, be ready to deal with it.

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