Jules Verne Goes to Chrysoupoli!

A few days ago, the sixth grade pupils of the 5th Primary School in Chrysoupoli were occupied with Christina Chiappinelli’s e-book, “Monsieur Verne’s Extraordinary Voyage”. After reading the book they had a conversation with Mr. Iraklis Lampadariou, philologist, who suggested actions for promoting reading books.

Among the proposed actions, they chose the ones below:
1) to change the story (what if…)
For example: what would happen if…
… Monsieur Verne didn’t stumble while strolling in the public gardens of Paris.
… stayed on the Moon and didn’t return to Earth.
… an arrow coming from the Indian Sioux tribe didn’t destroy his balloon.
… his balloon landed in an island.
… he didn’t wake up from his “dreams”.

2) to write a story on how the writer of a book they have read drew inspiration from (a humorous version)
For example: what happened...
… to Homer that inspired him to write Odyssey and Iliad?
… to the Grimm Brothers so as to write “Hansel and Gretel”?
… to Aesop that made him write your favorite story?

After they finished writing, each pupil uploaded their story to their personal webpage in the interactive classroom (www.wikispaces.com/oikomputerakides). Mr. Iraklis was impressed; he commented on the children’s stories and gave them Mrs. Christina Chiappinelli’s e-mail. Last Saturday, the pupils’ teacher sent their work to the author through facebook. The children talked to the writer on skype, expressed their admiration for her magnificent book and asked questions about the specific book.
The communication was difficult; the pupils spoke fluently neither English nor Italian (the writer’s mother tongue). Luckily enough, the mother of a student (Mrs. Ariadni Myrisidou) is a teacher of English. She eagerly helped; she translated the children’s questions and recorded the answers.
Overall, another action on an e-book of the site www.saitapublications.gr came to an end. On the other hand, the children’s both enthousiasm and passion for reading books still remain vibrant.

The editors,

A. Simou - G. Chysa

Translation from Greek: Labriana Oikonomou
Editing-Proofreading: Tina Moschovi 

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