Read an eBook-a project by Vivi Markatos

A few words on the project from its creator:
Maybe with this sketch I wanted to say “when reading becomes fun”, in their electronic form you carry your books with you. You may open them whenever you want and browse through them. Never before has an “educational” process been so colorful, full of ideas, pictures and for free! Reading a book has not always meant freedom. Many states, nations and mainly political systems forced upon you their own “educational” system, and suckled you from a young age into forthcoming limited accessibility and restrictions. However, with a free book, a good free book, anyone may sit down and talk, fly free, drift into magical worlds, regardless of sex, color, belief or age! We are all equal there …

Meet Vivi…
Vivi Markatos is an Award-winning playwright with many Panhellenic distinctions in Painting and Comics and an Award-winning radio producer under the auspices of UNESCO for a cultural tribute done in 2009. She has participated in literary book presentations and has directed five performances for the University of Athens. In her spare time she likes painting, listening to music and going for a walk with her friends. She works as a journalist in the cultural sector with an equally distinct presence and with significant interviews in Galaxy Radio FM 92.1. She is also the first radio producer in Greece who has presented on a show the "anime", which now has a huge number of fans per country.
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Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

Editing: Tina Moschovi

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