Pupils’ Thoughts about eBooks

In the week’s context “Read an eBook” (2nd-8th March 2014), the sixth grade pupils of the 5th Primary School in Chrysoupoli were occupied with e-reading. You can read their thoughts about eBooks…

by Stefania Aslanidou
Nowadays libraries tend to buy eBooks, since there is the opportunity for many users to read them at the same time, without the necessity of physical presence in the library. It is a general term used to describe products that have been published in digital form and multimedia, especially products of compact discs, such as CD-ROM. Some disadvantages are that they need a special reading device in order to be used and they consume electricity.

by Kostas Thagopoulos
To begin with, I would say that eBooks transfer you to the eBook world; that assists you for a lifetime.
-  First of all, you can carry as many books as you like, with no effort.
-  Many books can be saved in case of fire or earthquake.
- They are much easier to use, usually less expensive (or free of charge) in relation to printed books.
-   For little children who cannot read there is a narrator’s voice, so that they are able to understand the book (the same happens for blind people).
-  Their publication and reproduction is absolutely environmentally friendly.
To sum up, I would say that eBooks are, as it seems, an integral part of a hopeful future.

by Lefteris Kalathas
Within the flexible learning zone at school we were occupied with eBooks, since this is a week for the eBook. We wrote down their advantages. Some of them are:
1. Plenty of them are for free.
2. We can carry many e-books with us wherever we may go.
3. For the blind people, elderly people and children, who cannot read, there are systems that read e-books.
4. They do not take up space in the library.

by Despina Kamtsikli
E-Books help blind children, and do you know how? They can connect to the Internet and read books. Moreover they help children who can’t pay a lot of money for books, since plenty of books are for free. And most of all: in a USB you can save a big amount of books and take them with you wherever you go.
by Maria Karpozilou
Lately I’ve decided to occupy myself with electronic books, which are called eBooks. You can find these books in your personal computer!!!

- They can’t be perished or ruined.
- Quite many are free of charge.
- They don’t take up space.
- The same e-book can be read simultaneously by innumerable people in the whole planet.
- We can carry e-books in a mobile phone or in a USB.
-When you buy a book you might not like it and waste your money; this can’t happen with e-books , because if you don’t like one, you can proceed to another.

by Giannis Myrisidis
All things in the world have positive and negative aspects. That is why I will write to you some advantages of eBooks.
- They are environmentally friendly because massive tree cutting and toxic ink usage are not necessary.
- They do not need physical space.
- They are not costly for the editor.
- The access to them is quick.
- There is the ability to change the font.
- You can carry them with you anywhere.

Translation from Greek: Labriana Oikonomou 
Editing-Proofreading: Tina Moschovi 

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