Stella Chavenetidou writes about her collaboration with Saita Publications

The idea of Saita Publications attracted my attention for the first time when I visited its webpage. I wondered if it was ever possible for young people with no return at all but only their personal satisfaction to devote time for the creation of books. The books I found on Saita web page surprised me pleasantly. The word that fits perfectly, in my opinion, is quality. Not only in an authorship way but in a wider aspect. The whole image of the books gave me the impression that a serious job has been done behind; it was not about “let’s take it easy and we’ll see what is going to happen”.

Therefore, when it came time for my book to be edited, I realized I wasn’t wrong. Professionalism, diligence and good will: these are only some of the features for my collaboration with Saita Publications. I truly wish the books to continue “flying” and more associates, who will share the passion for publishing good books, to be added.
To conclude, I would like to thank Despina Georgada for the editing of my book, Minos Kariotakis for the pagination and Mary Lampadariou for the illustration. I will not forget, of course, Iraklis Lampadariou; thanks to his vision, the foundation of a publication house where the books “fly” free on the internet, my book got a “flying” license as well.

Meet Stella…
Stella Chavenetidou was born in 1982 in Athens. She has studied English Language and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and she has been working as a teacher of English since then.
From an early age she started creating imaginative stories in her mind, and while growing up she decided to imprint them on paper.  The fairytale “The Five Stamps and the Lost Prince” is her first attempt and it is about the teenagers’ constant quest for finding their own identity within an imaginary framework. She lives in Perea, Thessaloniki with her husband and her daughter.
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Translation from Greek: Labriana Oikonomou 
Editing-Proofreading: Tina Moschovi 

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