A letter for you, by an eBook

In this week’s context “Read an eBook” (2-8th of March 2014), Maria Chatzi shares a few thoughts with you about digital reading.
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Dear Reader,
I am a book on your screen,
Your fingers cannot touch my pages,
They can, on the other hand, touch you with their words,
You cannot hide my pages like souvenirs from past loves,
I can, on the other hand, hide a seed of a new love on the streets where your thoughts linger,

I cannot stand still like an ornament in your library,
But, I will help you become a gem in a world which is changing and needs you,
I am just another book-different yes, but nothing more or less,
I have a voice, I have character, and I have a perspective,
Let’s meet and hang out,
If you do not like me very much,
Like an old but wise friend as you will be, help me,
If you can, so I can become a better one too.

Your eBook

Meet Maria…
Maria Chatzi has graduated from the department of English Language and Literature, of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
She is also a self-taught artist; she designs crafts (for kids and adults), jewelry and other home decor items. She’s been a creativity enthusiast for over fifteen years.
She no longer works as an English teacher. She devotes most of her time to the events for the public libraries in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, where she participates voluntarily in workshops on different creative activities (constructions and creative writing) mostly for children, and presentation methods and technical creative handcraft for adults. She also writes relative articles and instructions for handmade creations, on the Internet in English. Her volunteer work to the libraries’ events, and the authorship of the mini eBook “The Magical Mr. Tumblebuddy Flipet writes stories” with Creative Commons License, is a social work offer(with no financial charges to it), in an effort to promote creativity in our country.

Contact Maria at: mariachatziWrite@yahoo.gr
(The picture which accompanies the article came from this address)

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

Editing: Tina Moschovi

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