Baampour at the 5th Elementary School Chrysoupolis!

The 6th grade students from the 5th Elementary School Chrysoupolis, continuing the activities about the love for reading, which started recently, decided to read one more eBook from the site After they finished their activities on «Το Άσπρο Κλουβί στο Σχήμα της Καρδιάς» (The Heart-Shaped White Bird), by George Gregorakis, they started to occupy themselves with a new book, titled «Το όνομα μου είναι Μπααμπούρ» (My name is Baampour). When the boys and girls from the 6trh grade read the book, which is about the trials a foreign family endures adjusting to life on a Greek island, they were touched.

They suggested some activities, such as painting, creating slogans against Racism, Power Points, etc. Meanwhile, their teacher sent an email with the children’s work to the writer of the book, Mr. Charis Mikelopoulos, to his home in Pyrgos Ilias.
On Friday 28/2/2014, after sending in their work to him via Facebook, they talked to him via Skype. They had a lot of questions to ask. The children spoke to him within a friendly atmosphere, and were pleased by the answers they received. They were also impressed by his friendly attitude and his smiling face.  He was also good-hearted, and answered all of their questions.
The children suggested a meeting with Mr. Charis when he comes to Chrysoupolis. Thus, another meeting with a writer ended.

Writers: A.     Aslanidou – K. Thaggopoulos

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

Editing: Tina Moschovi 

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