Saita is ambassador for the Safer Internet Day 2014!

Today the Safer Internet Day 2014 is being celebrated, completing 11 years since its establishment on the 6th of February 2004 with the slogan: “Everyone for a better Internet”.

Amongst the 227 communities from 42 countries in Greece which responded to this year’s call of action: of the Greek Safer Internet Centre, for the awareness of citizens of every age, the right and safe usage of the Internet, is Saita Publications. We unite our voices with the rest of the ambassadors and we call on you to try “Everyone for a better Internet”.

A few words about Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet Day was celebrated for the first time on the 6th of February 2004 in 16 countries under the project coordination scheme SafeBorders and the program, Safer Internet of the European Committee. In 2005, the Pan- European Network of National Information Centers and Alertness, INSAFE took the reins, and today the number of countries has surpassed and the record has reached 99 worldwide!
All these years the INSAFE Network has been occupied with different facets of the internet: from cyber bullying to the phenomenon that is social networking and convergence of the genus. In Greece, the official organizer of the Safer Internet Day is the Outreach, of the Greek Safer Internet Centre.

For more useful information and advice for a safe internet search, visit the website of the Outreach and Alertness, of the Greek Safer Internet Centre.
You may learn more about Safer Internet Day 2014, by pressing here
You may watch informative videos on topics which are linked to the Safer Internet, by pressing here.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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