Saita Publications participates in the “Read an eBook” week

2002: Organized for the first time, by writer Rita Y. Toews. The “Read an eBook” week aims to raise public awareness about the advantages of digital reading. The idea is quickly adopted and embraced by readers, authors, publishers and reporters, gaining international appeal.

2012: The Library of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in AUTH, for the first time declares participation in the week from Greece, uploading amongst other actions and activities, a relevant web page.

2013: Saita Publications participates for the first time in the “Read an eBook” week which is organized on the 3rd-9th March 2013 with many activities which focus on awareness for reading digital books.

2014: Saita Publications supports, along with other publishers, authors, bibliophiles, web pages and blogs, the “Read an eBook” week, which is organized on the 2nd-8th March 2014. The actions include:
·         Hosting various articles and paintings about eBooks by the sixth grade students of the 5th Elementary School Chrysoupolis, who will participate in the online program about the love for books, by Saita Publications
·         Uploading the banner for the “Read an eBook” week on the top of every page on the website of Saita Publications
·         Adding the banner for the “Read an eBook” week to the cover photo on the Saita Publications Facebook page.
·         Designing the banner for the “Read an eBook” week, enriching the already rich collection for the promotion of the week

NOTE: Saita Publications has been informed about “Read an eBook” week by eAnagnostis via this post.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

Proofreading: Tina Moschovi

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