The students from the 5th Elementary School Chryssoupolis respond

The children from the 6th grade of the 5th Elementary School Chryssoupolis, in the framework of the Language class decided to occupy themselves with an education program themed: for the love of reading, which includes storytelling of digital books from the site

On Monday the 3rd of February 2014, they communicated via Skype with Mr. Iraklis Lampadariou and they came to deal with a wonderful book, “The heart shaped white cage”, written by the great writer and teacher, Mr. Giorgos Grigorakis. The writer communicated with the teacher of the class and sent to him via email a list of activities for the children. So, the students, next Wednesday, after reading the book in digital form first, proceeded and separated in groups of 3 to locate pieces of the book, which refer to the ingredients of love (selflessness and  abnegation) and record them using Word. Later, they painted hearts and wrote love serenades on them, as the writer of the book is from Crete.

The next day, they contacted him via Skype. Their conversation progressed without Mr. Grigorakis’ students as he was not at school. The students were thrilled by his directness of speech, his sweetness and his honesty when answering their questions. The students’ impressions were very good. The children stated that they would like to do it again because they had such a great time!

M. Karpozilou K. Markou

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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