Calliope Zachou writes about her collaboration with Saita

When I was a child, in the summer nights I would sit in the garden of our house and wait for the fireflies to appear. I had a lot of queries about the winged little fairies. How did they appear during the day? What do they eat? Why don’t they come at winter to decorate our Christmas tree and many others, but I was not really bothered. At that time, I had created my own imaginary stories about them and about the fairy, which with her magic wand would light up their wings and every night I would fly with them and I would have the finest travels of my childhood.

I grew up though and soon the fireflies disappeared, and so did the fairy, my imaginary trips would happen less and less. Some time ago, with my cat, Skoula I wrote a tender story about a button which was different from all the others, and had the dream to travel. I was thinking in which way his journey could become dreamier, special, and light and rid of all the bureaucratic back and forth. I was so lucky as I soon met with the colorful wings of Saita, and the guys with the magic wand of their souls, they did not just help the Alikokoumbi to fly free, light and fast, they also gave me a precious gift. Like true Saitafairyguys, they took me on a journey aboard their colorful wings, back to my house and into the garden. Where I saw the fireflies again, and felt the magic in sharing beautiful moments with people I barely know, and trust and let the joy of meeting come out.
Thank you, Irakli and Constantina for the journey, I wish you strength, closeness, and creativity, so with your Saita wings and the magic wand of your soul you can help set free plenty of stories which are worth sharing.

Meet Calliope…
Calliope Zachou was born in 1974 in the Pieria Mountains, and she dreamed about meeting the sea. She studied nursing at TEI Irakliou Crete and she works in a hospital. She believes in the “gift” which brings people closer and gives meaning to life, the “gift” is giving and solidarity.
In her free time she occupies herself mainly with cooking, knitting, painting, music, yoga and volunteering. For some years now, she has had the good fortune of meeting the sea she dreamt of. She now lives happily with her beloved and her cat, Skoulitsa.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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