Dr. Constantinos Xenofontos writes about his collaboration with Saita

The editing of a collective volume is a multidimensional and demanding task. A project like this demands cooperation and a common vision amongst the co-editors, identifying willing associates for the writing of the individual chapters, involvement of associates with topics such as the design of a cover, but also an interest for the project to taken over by a publisher.

From the conception of the idea to the release of our book, our co-editor, Christina Chatzisotiriou and I were lucky. Within the economical adversities, which Cyprus and Greece are dealing with, Iraklis Lampadariou and Saita Publications gave us the opportunity to assert our work and promote it to our readers easily, quickly, without financial charges and keeping the high quality criteria which we wanted to achieve from the beginning. Saita Publications are pioneers in the e-book area and their future is destined to be bright! On behalf of all the participants I would like to express my sincere thanks to Irakli for his support and the remarkable work he has done. Also, I take the opportunity to congratulate all the children that participated in creating the volume. I wish you all individual success, and I hope in future collaborations!

Dr. Constantinos Xenofontos
Lecturer in Mathematics Tutoring
University Nicosia

Short Biography
Constantinos Xenofontos has a degree in Educational Sciences from the Cyprus University, and he holds the Masters titles: MPhil and PhD in Education with specialization in Mathematics Education from the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom. He has published articles in international magazines. His most recent research work has to do with intercultural education and mathematics. He is also involved with creative writing. His short stories have become distinguished in competitions that took place in Cyprus and Greece; they are included in a unique collection of short stories.

You can contact Dr. Constantinos Xenofontos at: constantinos_xen@hotmail.com

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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