Theofanis Theofanous writes about his collaboration with Saita

In a time where the social network is dissolving, Saita Publications has found the “way”, in my opinion, to resist the current climate. Maintaining a high aesthetic and quality from their  first “release”, the creator Iraklis Lampadariou’s vision, and  the responsible evaluation  of the associates,  which was to give without receiving, was passed down to me from our first internet discussion.
I call forth, illustrators, graphic designers and writers to contribute to their efforts, which aim to not only make our libraries richer, but our hearts as well!
See you soon!
From the town of Florinas
Theofanis Theofanou

Meet Theofanis…
Theofanis Theofanous was born in 1982. He grew up in Dasos Chaidariou from Cypriot parents. He studied at the educational organizations, AKMI, DOMI, ATEI Florinas, and the Athenian College. He has attended seminars on the literary art at the National Book Center. He is married, and has two daughters: “Princess Wayward” and “Little Dot”, infinite fairy tales and they all live together – out of stubbornness- in the town of Florinas.
His first book, titled: “12 Versions for Her”, was printed by “About Art” Publications in 2009.
One of his most important literary achievements, the “Homer Award” came from the “Association of Speech, Art and Greek Culture Bavarias”

Theofanis can be contacted on the email:

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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