Two fairytales about Kavala from the imagination of children (1.12.2013)

On the occasion of the four colorful fairytales of Costas Stoforos with illustrations from Stefania Velthemiri, which are released from Saita, and with help from the “Magic Card Deck of fairytales”, children of different ages had the chance to create two fairytales, one for summer and one for winter in Kavala.

The early stages of the development of the city and some of the most important architectural details from Konstantino Papakosma, Regional Consultant, were summarized through historical photographs. The presentation inspired the children to use areas and locations from the city in their fairytales, thereby connecting the land of fantasy with reality. The fairytales which the children created, split into two groups, as well as their drawings were presented to those who attended the event, the children’s parents and guardians. Shortly, they will be posted on the webpage “Fairytalekitchen”.
Saita Publications gives thanks to the Municipality of Kavala, without its support the particular event would not have taken place.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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