Kanelis explores Athens

Title: Kanelis explores Athens
Author: Dimitrios Kanellopoulos
ISBΝ: 978-618-5040-51-2

Illustrations: Apollonia Paramythioti
Translation from Greek: Anastasia Batsila
Cover, page layout: Iraklis Lampadariou

Our little story takes place in Athens. It starts with the realisation of a wish and takes off with the reader for a daytrip, flying over the important sights of the city of Athens, with the Parthenon being the highlight.
Kanelis is a symbol of freedom, small in size but with great wishes. He flies joyfully, ponders and makes us ponder, moves us and enjoys the gift given to him by his good fortune.

The little horse of Holargos has the chance -through conversations with various sculptures, a bell, a column and a flag- to learn wonderful things for the city and its history.

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