Saita: “Fairytale riding at Kavala”

Saita will take part in the events “Fairytale riding at Kavala” which is being organized from today, 13/12/2013 to 5/01/2014 by the Municipality Kavalas, the Regional Unit Kavalas, and “Dimofelia”. Some of the actions, which have been prepared for the young but also the older visitors to the Christmas events, include: writing a collective digital fairytale, interactive storytelling, a workshop of useful items and ornaments.

For each thematic unit the following actions will be carried out, which are supported by the volunteers from the Volunteering and Youth Development Kavalas.

16.20,27, 29/12, 18.30-20.00, Ground Floor, Public Tobacco Warehouse

Interactive Storytelling and digital fairytaling by Saita Publications
3/01, 18.30-20.00, Ground Floor, Public Tobacco Warehouse
Presentation of the children’s collective digital fairytale

“Socksuprises” Public Garden
13-15/12, morning-afternoon
17/12, morning
18/12, afternoon
19/12, morning
20/12, afternoon
23/12, morning
24/12, morning
28/12, afternoon
30/12, afternoon

“Paper ornaments”, Public Garden
16-18/12, morning-afternoon
24.26. and 27/12, afternoon
30/12, morning
“Sketch cards”, Public Garden
4-16/12, morning-afternoon
18, 26, 27, 28/12, morning
24/12, afternoon

Creating the magic bookmark-workshop, Ground Floor, Public Tobacco Warehouse
16.20, 27, 29/12, 18.30-20.30
Interactive Events
27/12   11.30    Public Library
Seeking the Hidden Reindeer by Saita Publications

Saita will also be visiting Zygos (14/12), Dato (15/12), Krinides (22/13), and Nea Karvali (23/12) to carry out the workshops “Sock surprises”, “Sketch cards” and “Paper ornaments” with the children who will be there to celebrate Christmas!
Saita gives a warm thanks to the Municipality Kavalas, the Regional Unit Kavala and “Dimofelia”, for their hospitality of the activities in this year’s Christmas events program, and for covering expenses for the purchase of materials which were needed for the workshop, as well as the Volunteering and Youth Development Kavalas for the valuable support given by the volunteers.
The illustrated complete event program “Fairytale riding in Kavala” per day and the total program, per thematic units, will be found on the webpage of the Municipality Kavalas, by pressing here.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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