Yiota Tsiliki writes about her collaboration with Saita

Saita has asked me to describe in two words my collaboration with them. Two words might not be enough. Fun, team spirit, respect, and most of all a creative mood is the thread of life of Saita. The collaboration with them was just the interpretation of the term “collaboration”. You may search for the word in the dictionary and wonder “what would our lives be like without profit?” I would say “a paper plane with broken wings”. I wish that all of the books become seaworthy, to expand and to always be there to connect ideas with people.

Best of luck
Yiota. D. Tsiliki

Meet Yiota

Yiota Tsiliki lives and works in Athens. She observes the world around her and records what it gives her. She believes that every day is a lever which opens the secret doors of this world, its Small, its Great. Some of her texts have been awarded, some were not. She says that is how it happens. What’s important is for there to be an open channel of communication.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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