Fairytale: a source of knowledge (30.11.2013)

In the event hall of the Public Library Kavalas from 18.00 to 20.00 the first part of the weekend dedicated to the love for reading was held, which then led to the discussion on the topic: An afternoon without television: how to make children love reading?”
The participants had the opportunity to be introduced to some ideas on the creative preoccupation and cultivation of love for reading to their children through the books from Saita. The topic was developed by Iraklis Lampadariou, the creator of Saita Publications, and it was divided into 4 main themes.

“Serving!”(Fairytales that had activities at the end).
“Stirring” (Fairytales with activities in the text)
“Ingredient Selection-New Recipe” (Fairytales that can be partially used),
 “Indicative menu” (books for parents and educators with ideas, activities, educational programs and creative exercises.)
Costas Stoforos, writer-reporter-creator of “Fairytalekitchen” developed practical ways for us to make children love the book and reading. Stefania Velthemiri, painter-conservator-creator of “Fairytalekitchen” presented the “Magic card deck of fairytales”. She then passed the cards to the participants, who with her help created a fairytale about an upside down village where the winds were forbidden and so no paper plane could fly. At the end of the fairytale, through unforeseen developments and twists, which the participants came up with, the village had winds again and the residents celebrated the paper plane flights.

Saita Publications gives thanks to the Municipality of Kavala, without its support the particular event would not have taken place.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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