Anna Deligianni Tsioulpa writes on her collaboration with Saita

Saita Publications and the wonderful Iraklis Lampadariou, the owner of the “general order”, fulfilled a latent desire of mine: that one day I might cast onto a Saita some of my short stories, which in one of their flights will bring to many acquaintances-strangers, literature searches and nostalgic valuations. As with each day that we are becoming more digital I saw, I got inspired, I wrote, I published!
Everything was about placing my trust in the publications which –as innovation-brighten Greece with their work, as they do not gamble the writer’s dream; they make it come true selflessly!

Meet Anna…
Anna Eustratiou Deligianni was born in 1960 in Makrilies Samothrace N. Evrou.
Studies: She graduated in 1977 from the six-class high school Samothrace. She holds a degree from the Philosophical School at AUTH.
Employment: She is employed as a Philologist at the 4th YEL Alexandroupolis, in which she has served for many years as the Associate Director.
Publications: She is a poet and a writer, columnist-essayist, literature reviewer, and in that capacity
she has been presenting the work of Greek poet and prose writers since 1994.
In 2011 her short story “Third Age” was distinguished in a short story competition.
She writes verse stories and fairytales which are published in similar sites like “Flying Castle”.
The reader has the chance to meet her on the page: http://douridasliterature/com/annaDeligianni.html, and in other pages such as the e-book published by Saita Publications, titled “A Bank note’s Journey”, in the electronic magazine “Word play”, etc. She contributes often in the daily and press magazine, Vima and Eleftherotypia. She is a self-taught painter due to years of persistence in trying different painting materials.
In terms of Samothrace, because she adores the local dialect she writes short stories and poetry. She has written a dictionary on the Samothracian dialect which was awared with commendation by the Athens Academy in 2013.
Commons-social contribution: She has been involved for many years in different positions with commons and in 2007 she became a parliamentary candidate in Evros. For her volunteer work she was honored by the Municipality Alexandroupolis in 2012.
Marital Status: She is married with the teacher, Giorgo Tsioulpa, and they have two children, Hari and Filio.

Translation from Greek: Metaxia Tzimouli

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