Stefania Veldemiri talks about her collaboration with Saita Publications

It was a great joy, when Iraklis Lampadariou, took on the e-book edition of the four colorful tales: “A Tale in Red”, “A Tale in Yellow”, “A Tale in Orange”, “A Tale in White” which we have created along with Kostas Stoforos in an unorthodox but magical way. And that is because, the tales were being created while Kostas was writing inspired by my drawings and I kept drawing inspired by his words.

I specifically love these tales and I am really happy that Iraklis is giving the chance to all those who wish to read them for free. My joy got even greater when “A Tale in Red” and “A Tale in Yellow” got translated into English and are now traveling around the world with Saita Publications. The e-book of the tale “The Boy, the Girl and the Very Tiny Reality” came up later and its translation got started immediately. I got surprised by the velocity the tales got processed, translated and released on the internet from the moment I was asked about it. The tales are nicely edited, made with passion and love matching with my sense of aesthetics and it is a piece of cake for everyone to download and enjoy them. I feel honored that such a worthy man with ethics and knowledge gave the tales I loved the chance to fly free around the world. Thank you Saita Publications!

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Stefania Veldemiri is  a conservator of Archaeological Findings and Works of Art and works at our country’s museums (Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki ,Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, Archaeological Institute, Natural History Museum in Heraklion, Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest) and abroad (University of Missuri-St. Louis, Smisthonian Institution, American Museum of Natural History), both for the conservation of archaeological findings and works of art, and for making copies and casts of fossils and art objects to report on them. Moreover, she works as a conservator in situ, during the seasons and periods of study in the program of the University of Missuri-St. Louis, Iklena project, at the prehistoric excavation in  Iklena.
Since becoming a mother in 2002, all she ever wanted was to find a simple and playful way to pass down her love for art and objects of daily use to her children. So she started working as an artist in day schools and teaching children the history of art through interactive activities, games, experiential exercises, and audiovisual stimuli giving priority to smile and cheerful but disciplined atmosphere.

The past years she has been dealing with the illustration of children's fairy tales and painting and has assets of five solo exhibitions where images accompanied stories written by Kostas Stoforos, while the children had active role in the action and the story. 

In her studio, she often hosts small children, who play and learn through art depending on their mood. 
She loves the contact with the children’s world and feels happy when kids allow her to enter it. So after the course as an artist she feels joyful.

Translation from Greek: Maria Polychrou

Proofreading-Editing: Tina Moschovi

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