Eleftheria Pasha writes about her collaboration with Saita Publications

Once upon a time, 

a kind-hearted baker, Mr Iraklis, was looking to find a way to fill people’s hearts. He was staying awake for days and nights and was tormented by this thought. The work never scared him but how could he make so many portions of food for thought enough for everyone all alone? 

He decided to appeal to his fellow villagers and seek for help. He explained his vision and set the example. Soon enough, they began to cook the most delicious little loaves you have ever tasted!

Word spread everywhere and people from every corner of the world were arriving, filled with the desire to join them. People full of talent, enthusiasm and creativity. People who shared the desire to change things in order for them to be a little better than what they used to be and who believed that experience and knowledge should be shared. 

This is exactly what Saita Publications does. From the creator of publications –and everyone who works for the implementation of the books – to you, the eyes which are reading these words at this very moment! 

We constitute Together Saita Publications. 

Have a nice online browsing! 

Eleftheria Pasha
author of the short story collection "Και αν;"

Translation from Greek: Maria Polychrou

Proofreading-Editing: Tina Moschovi

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