“Saita” continues the flights through Android applications

By continuing the flight and trying to promote digital reading “Saita” develops Android applications for books, which travel directly from the soul of the creator to the heart of every reader, with the valuable help of Antonis Panoris. By using these applications the readers can even read far away from the screen of their e-book reader or computer, wherever they are!

The first Android application designed by Antonis for “Saita” concerns the novel «Θάνατος, Καλοκαίρι, Φθινόπωρο, Χειμώνας» (Death, Summer, Autumn, Winter) by Eftichia Kanari and you can download this application for free by clicking here. You will go to Google Play where you can install the application on your mobile phone by pressing “Installation”. In this way you can read the summary of the digital book, you can see snapshots of the application (screenshots), and you can read reviews or even write your own.

Gradually, respective applications will be designed for all the books that have been released by “Saita Publications”. All the applications will be distributed by the respective Creative Commons Licences related.

If you want to learn more about the applications of Android, you can visit the corresponding entry of Wikipedia by clicking here.

Meet the creator of Android applications concerning the books of “Saita”…

My name is Anthonis Panoris and I was born in 1981 in Thessaloniki, where I live permanently. I studied Automation Engineering at the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki and since 1997 I have been dealing actively with the industrial automation. If I remember well, it was the 1988 when I was trying to develop my first program, holding in my hands an Atari 65XE8bit computer. Nowadays, in my free time I study handbooks and develop applications in various programming languages (Java, C++, Basic, HTML, PHP, Assembly, Ladder) for OS Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Industrial Controllers (PLC - HMI).

Visit Antonis’s webpage, his page on Google Play with the rest of applications he has developed, his page on facebook, his account on twitter or send him an e-mail to the electronic address: automon.android@gmail.com

Translated from Greek by: Anastasia Koutroufini
Proofreading, Editing: Tina Moschovi

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