Lampis at the children's library Orestou in Thessaloniki (22.10.2013)

The children's library Orestou in Thessaloniki (Future Library) immediately stands out from most of the libraries. Updated books, rich material for presentations and interactive games immediately attract the attention of young visitors. 

The presentation of the tale "The Sun Who Lost His Way" by Evridiki Amanatidou was held today by Saita Publications within an atmosphere of intense enthusiasm by the students of the 18th (second grade, 17 children) and 8th Primary School (two classes of second grade, 34 children). Konstantina Charlavani, a philologist and in charge of the book’s layout, played many educational games with the kids after narrating the story to them. Having the role of weathermen the students talked about the weather, the climate of Greece and learned how to recognize the cardinal points in a funny way. This visit along with the tomorrow's visit to the library of Ano Polis has been included in the Autumn Days of Libraries.

Translation from Greek: Maria Polychrou

Proofreading-Editing: Tina Moschovi

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