The princess who didn’t eat eggplants

Title: The princess who didn't eat eggplants
Author: Chryssoula Loulopoulou
ISBΝ: 978-618-5040-16-1

Cover: Roula Monogiou
Translator: Petros Beimanavis
Page layout: Iraklis Lampadariou

How troubled is the life of Princess Helena! She does not like eggplants, need she say it again?
Helena has everything. Toys, clothes, a big beautiful house and her parents adore her. How ungrateful on her behalf, people say! If she has all she could ever need, then why is she so sad?
And then, one day everything changed. Going through a hole in the royal fence, Helena meets… Felicity and she tastes a funny named food.
“The Princess who didn’t eat eggplants” is a fascinating story about friendship and the value of sharing goods.
“And f you believe in this tale and you also do good things for those around you, even if you are not a princess or a king… who knows? Maybe, with your little help, this world will be a better place!”

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