Sun bookmark: step-by-step instructions

Μaria Chatzi, author of the ebook “Ο magikos kirios Kolotoumpas grafei istories”, shares with us step-by-step instructions to create our own sun bookmark, the character of the fairy-tale “The sun who lost his way” by Evridiki Amanatidou!

What about the materials?

- a strip of thick light blue craft paper, dimensions:  6x12 cm
- a strip of brown paperbag, dimensions:  3x12 cm
- a piece of yellow velvet paper (or craft felt), dimensions: 10x5 cm
- a circle cut out of plain white paper, radius: 2,3 cm
- a circle cut out of a thick light brown craft paper, radius: 2,7 cm
- half of a circle cut out of a white (or ivory) craft paper, radius: 2,5 cm
- fine point markers, colors: dark blue, light blue, brown
- pencil
- scissors
- glue


1. First, crumple the paper bag strip and spread it out, twice. Then, glue it, lengthwise, in the center of the light blue craft paper strip -  press gently, so that the paper bag strip won’t lose the texture it got from the crumpling (Picture 1).
2. Use your pencil to draw half of a sun, with his beams, on the yellow velvet paper (or the craft felt), without pressing your pencil. When you’ve finished, cut it out with your scissors.
3. To continue, draw the sun’s face on the paper half of a circle. Color his eyebrows and eyes with the markers, as shown in picture 2. Flip the yellow velvet paper with the beams over to its other side and glue the sun’s face onto it. Leave it aside for a while, till it dries very well, before proceeding.
4. Now, take the two circles in your hands, the brown and the white one. Glue the white circle in the center of the brown one. Wait for the glue to harden. Draw a star-like compass in the center of the white circle, like the design you see in picture 3. Leave some space around your compass design, so, later on, you could mark the points of the horizon (directions).
5. Glue the sun on the upper part of your bookmark. Then, glue the compass in the center of the bookmark, as shown in picture 4.

To finish your bookmark, write the initials of the 8 points of the horizon around your star-like compass design. Τhe sun bookmark is ready to decorate your books.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Author Biography

Maria Chatzi has graduated from the department of English Language and Literature of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has worked as a teacher of English. She is also a self-taught artist, she designs crafts for kids and adults, jewelry and other home décor items. She’s been a creativity enthusiast for over fifteen years now. She writes articles and activities on Creative Writing and Craft projects, offline and online.

She spends a great deal of her time volunteering for public libraries in Thessaloniki, where she offers creative courses, mainly creative writing and crafts for kids. She also teaches jewelry making and various techniques for crafting with recycled materials.

Both her contribution to public libraries and the publication of this mini ebook, with a Creative Commons License, are an offer of free services for the common good in the local community and an effort to promote Creativity.

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