Charis V. Mikelopoulos writes about his collaboration with “Saita”

The contact with the Public House “Saita Publications” and Iraklis Lampadariou was the reason why my little story “flied” free as a bird in the Internet. The most important thing for an author is to receive the spirit of friendliness, warmth and collaboration from the very beginning, as I did, even though this contact could be described “cold” since it took place via e-mail. But people can communicate very cowardly even in this way. 

Iraklis and his team put in me their trust which finally led very quickly to the final form of my book. I want to say “thank you” to Konstantina Charlavani for the editing and corrections, and Iraklis Lampadariou for the paging and his help to all the parts of the preparation. “Saita” is the movement which offers air to people who haven’t learnt how to fly yet… it just gives you the wings; and you take off with it. Thank you!

Charis V. Mikelopoulos was born in 1973 in Pyrgos of Ilia where he grew up. Painting, drawing and pictures led him to study Architecture and Interior-Exterior Design at Akto Art & Design College in Athens. After his studies, he came back to Pyrgos where he started to work as a designer at his own office. He can speak English out of necessity, as he says and Italian out of pleasure. At his first attempt to write a children’s story, he feels like a young child at their first steps. Pictures, imagination and thoughts come out as words to take a written form into a sheet of paper.

His tale with the title “My name is Baampour” is published by Saita Publications.

[Translation from Greek: Anastasia Koutroufini, Proofreading, Editing: Tina Moschovi]

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